Board of Guides

Our team members are enthusiastic about producing top-notch work and offering superb customer service. To guarantee that every project is finished on time and to our clients' satisfaction, we place a high priority on teamwork, collaboration, and communication. Our Team continuously improves through innovation and technology adoption.

Our team of experts is our greatest strength in delivering maximum quality results for our consultancy. With well versed in different respective areas our members have experience in globally accepted organizations that leads to produce well advised service for our company.

Our expert team comprises legal advisors, IT and digital marketing experts, film directors, branding professionals, panel of mentors and more. Each member brings unique expertise and experience to the table, allowing us to provide comprehensive and customized solutions for our clients' needs.

We stand out as the most desired business solution providers because of our commitment to producing great results and fostering long-lasting client connections. We are the best choice for your company because to the diversified experience on our team that comes from all around the world. We are confident in our abilities to offer our clients top-notch services because we possess a plethora of knowledge and experience from around the world.

Mr. Shahrukh Rasheed. R.P.

PRO / Business Coach

Mr. Rajesh. K.P.

IT / Digital Marketing Director

Adv. Madhusudhanan Chaettayil

Senior Legal Advisor

CA Nagaraj, Bangalore

Senior Tax & Finance Advisor

Mr. Lal Bijo

Media / Ad Film Director

Mr. Rajgopal

Creative / Branding Head

Mr. Nishad Ahmed CV

Corporate English Trainer

Mr. Febi Francis Periera

Sales & Marketing Specialist / Business Coach